Book With 32 Left-Hand Activities for Pre-school Children

Determining whether a child is left or right handed can be a challenge. Children will experiment with both sides before they settle on being left, right or mixed dominant. In fact, even though you may see signs of hand dominance in a child at a very young age, most experts suggest laterality is solidified between […]

8 New Scientific Findings About Left-Handedness

Discoveries about the world’s 708 million left-handers.While the reasons for left-handedness still largely remain a scientific mystery, neuroscientists work hard to understand this fascinating phenomenon.Here are some recent scientific findings about left-handedness you might not have heard of, yet. 1. There are approximately 708 million left-handers in the world.In a recent statistical integration of 200 […]

Why left-handers still feel left out

Angelique Chrisafis, Arts correspondent Guardian Over the centuries they have been beaten on the knuckles, locked up, ridiculed and prevented from reproducing in case they spawned freaks. Now left-handers are facing another affront. A psychology professor told the Guardian Hay festival yesterday that society will never stop being biologically and culturally dominated by right-handers at […]