Book With 32 Left-Hand Activities for Pre-school Children

Determining whether a child is left or right handed can be a challenge. Children will experiment with both sides before they settle on being left, right or mixed dominant. In fact, even though you may see signs of hand dominance in a child at a very young age, most experts suggest laterality is solidified between 3-7-years-old. Your child may even be part of the estimated 1% of ambidextrous people in the world.

Emanuella Correia is a Brazilian-based researcher, consultant and trainer who helps parents and teachers better understand the needs of their left-handed children. Ms. Correia also provides educational resources for left-handers.

Ms. Correia recommends the book, “So, you think they’re lefthanded?” written by Mark and Heather Stewart. She says this is a perfect resource for young children who have not yet determined their dominant hand by helping “parents and carers to spot the early signs of side-dominance. It provides 32 activities for preschool children who you think may prefer to use the left rather than the right hand, as they learn to use pencils, pens and scissors.”

Ms. Correia believes this book is very helpful for a left-handed child’s development, saying, “It brings activities which can help the child to develop these skills with the left hand. Because what happens is that if the child determines their left handedness later in life, she didn’t have the opportunity to develop the fine motor skills that might bring her some more difficulties to cut or write in the future. So, if you have the opportunity to offer the child some activities which will develop these fine motor skills, that will help a lot. Each sheet in this book contains reminders for page position and hand grip, and leads pre-school children through a range of different exercises designed as preparation for their school life. So, I love this book for the younger ones when the parents are still learning.”

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